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Der er 5 varer.

Silk is divinely soft and delicious. 

The silk duvet from Silver-silk Scandinavia is temperature-regulating, journey-absorbing, antibacterial. If you suffer from allergies, asthma, or sweat a lot at night, then our silk duvet is for you.

Most duvets and duvets are filled with microfiber or hollow fiber synthetic materials that are hypoallergenic and have a lower cost than down or feather fillings. Silk duvets enjoy all the luxury of duvets with the light feel and hypoallergenic properties of synthetic fullness - just without the synthetic fabrics. 

Our silk duvet is the well-known genuine handmade exclusive silk duvet with 100% long-fiber mulberry silk filling and specially made silk spring. Mulberry silk - comes from the larvae of the silk butterfly, which only eats mulberry leaves. Mulberry silk is considered the world's finest and most expensive silk. We use only the best mulberry silk in its silk products.

Vores silkedyne er fyldt med luksuriøs 100% naturlig og hypoallergen absolut topklasse langstrenget mulberry silke, der er 100% håndstrækket. Vores luksus silkedyner er fyldt med silke med over hundrede lag af håndsyet, langfibret, grade AAA, mulberry silke. Der er brugt den fineste silke med AAA kvalitet, hvilket gør brugsoplevelsen af vores silkedyner til en fantastisk fornøjelse.

Hver silkedyne er så forsigtigt sløjret syet med hånden for at forhindre bevægelse af den ædle silke interiør. Håndsømning i stedet for maskinens "mønster" syning bruges til at undgå knusning og beskadigelse af silken. Derfor er vores silkedyne særlig velholdt. 

This method also ensures that the heat-insulating properties created by the air trapped between the fine silk threads are kept in place. This greatly helps to make our silk duvet so wonderfully bright and comfortable and helps regulate the sleeping temperature over a wider area than other duvets.

Mulberry silk-filled duvets are our specialty, we promise you will not be disappointed. It is risk-free to trade with us, as you are covered by a 14-day full buy-back guarantee. But we are sure you will love your silk duvet. Once a silk duvet, always a silk duvet.

There are also some great deals in our silk bedding - combinations of luxurious silk-filled duvets, silk-filled pillows.

All silk upholstery OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.

Remember when buying a silk duvet, make sure that the filling is 100% long mulberry silk fibers. Silk duvets with short fibers and residual silk will clump over time, which greatly impairs the experience. The long fibers, on the other hand, will always stay on and wrap you in the silk.

When you first are the happy owner of a silk duvet, you will also want to own silk pillows , silk bedding for your silk duvet. Please use our organic silk wash to preserve the shine and softness of the silk . Or are you more into luxury Egyptian cotton bedding that fits our silk duvet?